Monday, September 30, 2019

Vogue 9227 (1985): Navy Dotted Tan Pants with White Top and Red Belt

While leafing through my July/August 1985 copy of Vogue Patterns Magazine, I noticed this pattern:

The pants were paired with their “Ultimate Big Shirt” (Vogue 9324) in a photo spread called Easy Fast Fashions for Summer. Needless to say, I tracked both patterns down online!

Vogue 9227 pants with the "Ultimate Big Shirt"

In September, people shift gears from summer to fall and school starts up again.  In Chinese Medicine, this transitional period is acknowledged as a 5th Season called Late Summer. (Back in the 80s, we called this time Indian Summer).  The days are getting shorter, the leaves are starting to change but it’s still 80 degrees outside!  

We have been experiencing that transitional feeling a lot lately in New York.  Cooler days are intermixed with very warm ones; it can be hot in the sun but cool in the shade.

I decided these pants in the ankle length version would be a good choice for early fall (as opposed to the mid-calf length which screams Summer).  I had a navy dotted tan midweight cotton that I got at Walmart a few years ago. It’s the kind of fabric that will be comfortable on all but the coldest of days.  In other words, perfect for right now!

Tan and Navy are a classic combination.  Those of us who were alive and shopping in the 1980s may remember that Tan and Red also had a moment, especially in the early 80s.

Vintage terry cloth dress (no longer available on Poshmark)

Was it because those Thom McAn hiking boots with the red laces were everywhere back then?

After you lace up your boots, don't forget your tan puffer vest!

Hits of Navy and White sharpened things up; puffer vests and jackets often came in these color combinations.

I find this palette of colors to be vivid yet earthy, and all are good choices as we move from summer into fall.

I had no major snafus in the making of these pants (it is “Very Easy” after all) and I lengthened them by 1.5 inches.

Never a believer in the No White After Labor Day Rule, I paired the pants with a bright white top I had made from this very useful 1981 McCall's pattern. 

I made the shell top, View A

The fabric is a some kind of semi-opaque crepe.  

The matching bright white lucite cuff is 80s vintage and was purchased here.  

The red belt is also vintage 80s, purchased here.

Another shoe that was big in the 80s were moccasins, particularly those made by Minnetonka.  Their iconic moccasin with the Thunderbird beadwork debuted in 1955. Enduringly popular, they became “a worldwide favorite during the 1980s Urban Cowboy trend” according to their website.  In 1986 they released their “driving moc” which immediately gained traction among the Preppy set.

The red suede moccasins I’m wearing are not Minnetoka, but are similar in style to their “driving moc” and are made by Michael Kors.

Eventually I let it all hang out and cast the belt aside:

I love how the shirt and pants have matching hemline slits!

These pants would look cute with a cropped navy blue sweater and ankle boots when it gets cooler and the moccasins go back in the closet.   I’m sure boot weather is coming soon, it just doesn’t feel like it quite yet!

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