Friday, May 24, 2019

See & Sew 5148: Overblouse for White Strapless Jumpsuit

When I purchased this vintage multi-sized pattern for a coordinating skirt and top, I didn’t realize it was already cut to size 8.  That is two sizes too small, which essentially makes the top cropped and close fitting on me. Which was perfect for what I had in mind….

In my last post, I made a strapless jumpsuit in white twill with aqua accents.  
Which means that if I hit the streets prior to happy hour, the summer sun would be boiling down on my bare back and shoulders.

Some kind of cover-up is necessary if I want  to wear this from day to night and be appropriately clad, my back, chest and shoulders protected from the sun.

Wearing a t shirt is an option.

Another option is this coordinating overblouse made from See & Sew 5148:

The cuffs and shoulder insets for this pattern allowed me to combine the white and aqua fabrics I used in the jumpsuit.

The top was so small that I lengthened it by an inch, but that was still not quite enough length.  I finished the bottom hem with purchased white double fold bias tape, folded it up ½ inch and catch-stitched.   

I wondered how the top would look closer to "bolero" length. I folded up the bottom a few inches just to see.

Not bad.

A cropped top works well with the pants of this jumpsuit. Summer fun, here I come!

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