Monday, September 9, 2019

Wet n Wild's Photofocus Rose Primer Serum: Elixir of Youth?

A few months ago, I reviewed Wet n Wild’s first ever skincare products.  Part of their Rebel Rose Limited Edition Collection, the Skincare Collection Box includes a lip scrub, lip balm, facial oil, toner and serum.  

It was fun to open the box when it arrived, having been such a devotee of their makeup and nail polishes back in the 80s. There I was a gazillion years later, all excited with my Wet n Wild purchase once again! To be sure, the company has evolved and stayed current, coming up with so many fun, high quality products. Yet they are proud of their past and remain true to their values: Wet n Wild is still extremely affordable and cruelty-free.

I have been using all of the skincare products off and on since, and have been really happy with them.  The toner removes dirt and oil really well, and the multi-use facial oil is a great moisturizer for day or night.  The scrub works and tastes yummy, and the Tint of Corruption jelly lip balm is AWESOME. It tints my lips the most perfect, natural shade of pink, leaving behind a light sheen.   I wasn’t really using the serum, because I thought of it as a prelude to makeup which I don’t wear that often.

Well, I was missing out on an important benefit by neglecting to apply the serum to my naked and aging face.  For this serum has the miraculous ability to TIGHTEN YOUR SKIN.  

This ability was brought to my attention by my friend Rachel.  When she first got her Rebel Rose Skincare box, she dove right in and applied the products not only to herself, but to her mother Sandy.   

In particular, they got interesting and impressive results with the Photofocus Rose Primer Serum.

What follows are before and after pictures Rachel’s hand and Sandy’s arm.  It is clear that the serum tightened up their skin and smoothed things out quite a bit.  





When she texted these pictures to me, I was REALLY impressed.  I think there is a dramatic difference!

Yesterday, I applied the serum to half of my face, concentrating on the vertical lines, or creases, that sometimes occur between the nose and the outer corners of the lips.  On me, they aren’t too deep yet but trust me--they’re there!

The serum has a watery consistency, and I was reminded of egg whites as the serum slowly dried on my face.  Egg white masks are known to tighten the skin and shrink pores (this woman mixes honey into her egg white mask and applies it with a fan brush).

I left the house into a lovely bright day and jumped into my car (heedless of showing up to work with only half my face painted in serum).  At stoplights, I peered closely into the rearview mirror. All that natural light was going to show me the good, the bad and the ugly!

Without a doubt, the crease on the serum side of my face was diminished and smoother!  Gazing at myself in my rearview earned me some honks from the drivers behind me (if you don’t move instantly in this city the moment the light changes, people will lay on that horn!).  But I couldn’t help it. I kept changing the angle of my head and scrutinizing my face. Yes, this serum works!

I did take a “selfie” with an idea to post it here.  Alas, I am not brave enough to publish such an “up close and personal” photo, so you’ll just have to trust me!

In the future, I will use this primer serum under my moisturizer, especially when I want to have a bit of a youthful and dewy glow. It seems important to let it dry a few minutes before putting anything on top of it. While I'm waiting, I can turn back the clock on my lips with my Perfect Pout lip scrub!

Would the serum truly “erase” lines from your face?  My sense is that it’s a temporary fix, but I don’t know.   I should use it consistently and see what happens. If do, I will be sure to report back!

(Special thanks to Rachel and Sandy for the feedback and photos!)

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  1. It works so fast. I love my kit. Thanks again for sharing. Looking forward to your next 80’s product review!


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